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Dr. Wayne Cox

Dr. Wayne Cox was born and raised in the small town of Cane Beds, Arizona. He was born into a large family having five sisters and one brother.  Growing up in a small community, Dr. Cox’s favorite pastimes included off road racing, baseball, weight training, and restoring classic cars.

Dr. Cox's experience with chiropractic care began while attending Southern Utah University in the Pre-med program. He began to have multiple stomach problems. Surgery and a lifetime regimen of prescription medication were prescribed as his only solution. While contemplating the surgery Dr. Cox injured his low back at a part time construction job. During his 2-3 months of Chiropractic care the treatment not only rid him of back pain but also the stomach problems. This experience brought him an entirely new perspective on health care, with the concept of disease prevention and optimizing functions through conservative chiropractic care.

Dr. Cox obtained his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College, graduating with Honors. During his doctorate education, he also pursued over 100 hours of post-graduate study in Meridian Therapy and extensive training in Kinesiology tape techniques.

Dr. Cox utilizes different chiropractic techniques from traditional manual "Diversified" adjusting to gentle "Drop Table" and "Spring Loaded Instrument" combined with soft tissue, muscle work, physical therapy, exercise training, and nutritional counseling to help his patients reach and maintain optimum health, increase vitality, and longevity.


•   Auto accidents
•   Worker's comp
•   Class IV laser
•   Numerous soft tissue therapies.
•   Decompression.
•   Kinesio tape techniques

As a chiropractor your well-being is very important to Dr. Cox. He is committed to excellent care for his patients. By using different techniques in chiropractic he has been able to help his patients towards their goals of being pain free and living a healthier life.



Dr Duy Tran

University of Utah, Professor – Biomechanic and Physics of Motion

President of HeatlhQuest of Utah, HealthQuest of Murray, HealthQuest of PC, HealthQuest of South Jordan, HealthQuest of Taylorsville

• 2005 Health Advisor for Good Things Utah, Channel ABC 4

• 1999 Board of Director of the Murray Chamber of Commerce

• 1998 National Directory of Who’s Who

• 1997 Chairman of Ambassadors of the Murray Chamber of Commerce

• 1997 President of Utah Business Network, Midvale Chapter

• 1996 Vice President of Business Network International, Chapter

• 1994 California Chiropractic Association

• 1994 Orange County Chiropractic Philosophy Association

• 1992 Honorary Counselor of Asian American Student Association, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic