Text Neck

What is Text Neck?

Did you know the average teen sends 60-100 texts messages a day, and most people pick up their cell phone around 1,500 times a week? This new trend of constantly looking down at computers, cell phones, tablets/iPads, and desk work is changing our posture and wreaking havoc on our health. 

People affected with Text Neck begin to have subtle symptoms such as neck pain, tight shoulders, upper back pain, and mild headaches. Unfortunately, by the time the symptoms present, early degenerative changes can already be visualized on x-rays. The degenerative changes normally seen in senior adults are now being seen in teenagers. 

The human body is designed to be in an upright and active position. It also adapts to the stresses placed upon it. Therefore, as our culture shifts from and upright active position to a seated sedentary position, our bodies adapt and reshape into the hunched position even though it leads to long term health and vitality problems.

How can I relate? 

If a sapling is allowed to grow crooked it becomes a weak and unstable tree. However, if the sapling is straightened as it grows it will become a strong and stable tree. The same applies to the human body, the more time we spend crooked, the more we grow crooked and unstable. This makes proper posture vital to health and longevity in our youth and in adults. If we spend so much time and effort into making sure a tree goes straight, should we not spend more time and effort into our own health and the health of our offspring? 

Visualize the stress!  

A recent study in the journal Surgical Technology International quantified the problem: As the head tilts forward 15 degrees from neutral, the forces on the cervical spine and supporting musculature increase to 27 pounds. As the tilt increases, the forces increase to 40 pounds at 30 degrees, 49 pounds at 45 degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees.

Initial symptoms

Shoulder & neck tightness
Tingling and numbness in arms & hands
Neck pain
Upper back pain

Potential Health Problems

Slipped Discs or disc herniations
Pinched nerves 
Premature degeneration
Bone spurs
Muscle deteriation
Nerve pain

The Solution 

At HealthQuest Chiropractic our goal is to reduce and relieve pain, inprove the condition, and to rehabilitate the injured structures in the shortest time possible. In fact our doctors are so passionate about helping their patients that they have invented several devices to help their patients heal ten times faster than the traditional methods. Call now to see if you are at risk for or are currently suffering from Text Neck. Mention the HealthQuest Text Neck page and there will be no additional charge for the neck x-rays.

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